In order to reserve your booking we require a £50.00 deposit. Once deposit is paid we will send a booking confirmation email with deposit invoice, along with a consent form which must be completed and returned prior to the booking date.

The payment methods we accept:

Cash, Bank Transfer, Online Payment

We cannot reserve any events/dates without a deposit. All balances must be paid in full prior to, or on the event day


Underage Gaming:

We don’t allow children to play games rated at older than they are unless we get consent from the party organiser. It is the organiser’s responsibility prior to the party to liaise with parents/guardians/parties involved regarding age appropriate gaming, and then get back to us to let us know any limitations they wish for us to put in place during the event. Thank you.


Safety & Behaviour:

  • Every effort has been made by our team to ensure our gaming van is safe, sanitised, and fit for purpose.
  • That it complies with all Health & Safety regulations, but anyone entering/exiting the van must do so at their own risk.
  • No food or drink is to be consumed within the van unless granted by our team member.
  • No smoking or vaping within the van.
  • All adult members of our team are DBS certified.
  • The Gaming Experience Aberdeen Ltd has full public Liability insurance to a sum of £5m which can be requested at any time prior to the event day.
  • Any Damage caused to our Equipment/Van during the event that we deem as a result of improper behaviour or vandalism is not condoned.
  • The Gaming Experience Aberdeen reserve the right to charge to the event organizer the reasonable costs of repair/replacement for any equipment that get damaged.
  • We do not tolerate bad language, threatening, or aggressive behaviour within the van towards our staff & other members of the event. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the van if necessary, and/or end the event at any time with no refunds.

Photography & Social Media

For advertising purposes we often like to take photos/videos/live streams. We may use these on our website, or on our social media platforms. This is why we ask for consent forms to be completed, please make our team aware if you have objections to this. You are also welcome to take photos as you please.