FJAS Summer Show 2019 “High School Musical” auditions

Dalrymple Hall
Duration: 6 hr 

It’s the start of something new…

Auditons for FJAS 2019 Summer Show “High School Musical on stage” will take place Sunday 13th January, 12 noon at the Dalrymple Hall & Arts Centre. Please note, all auditionees must be Primary 6 – S6.

An information evening will be held on Tuesday 8th January at 7:30pm for anyone who wishes to find out more about the auditions, rehearsal process, and the show.

Please find in the link attached our audition pack with details for the auditions. Script and song excerpts with audio recordings are included. All auditions must complete an online form confirming their attendance.

Don’t miss out! We’re All In This Together! Go Wildcats!

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