FAQ / T&C’s

Have a scroll through our commonly asked questions and if there is anything else you would like to know please don’t hesitate to contact us

To reserve your booking, we require a £50.00 deposit. Once payment details are provided for your deposit, the deposit is required to be paid within 24 hours otherwise we will release the date/time and close the enquiry as we can’t hold dates any longer than 24 hours due to the high volumes of enquiries we receive for bookings.

Full balance for your booking is due to be paid 24 hours prior to party date.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen will turn up to your event approx 15 minutes prior to your booking start time to ensure everything is set up and ready to go before your party starts.

Please advise our team member on arrival where to locate the electric point and have your completed consent forms ready to hand over prior to party starting.

Once the van is set up, our team member will inform the party organiser that the gaming van is ready for the party guests. During the booking our staff member is in gaming van at all times assissting everyone, ensuring the games and music is tailored to each individual parties needs.

During each booking our staff member takes pictures which is sent to the party organiser. If consent has been approved we will also upload these on our social media sites. If consent has not been given, we are still happy to take pictures to provide to the party organiser, these will be deleted soon as these have been sent over.

To cancel your booking, please email info@gamingexperienceaberdeen.co.uk

Cancellation Policy:

Please note all deposits are non refundable.

If you have made payments, or paid towards your balance we will be happy to refund your final balance amount, minus the £50.00 deposit.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen reserve the right to cancel any booking taken at any stage up to the time of the event due to circumstances out of our control such as extremely bad weather, staff illness, or any unsolvable technical issues.

If an alternative date is not achievable then all deposits and/or final balances paid will be refunded in full without delay.

We reserve the right to abandon any event upon arrival if we cannot park safely or access the proposed space safely or without your assistance. In this event no refunds will be made of any amount.

If you already have a booking made with us and need to reschedule it, we require a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

If you provide less than 3 weeks notice we can't reschedule your booking due to us not being provided with enough time to try and fill your original space.

Please note all deposits are non refundable.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen team are all DBS checked, and are there to ensure everything is set up, to help where needed, and to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

A responsible adult is always required at the address while the event is taking place.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen needs to be parked up and stationary to connect to a power point to power up the van. We do not collect any party members and we don’t drive around with people in the back of the van due to safety regulations.

After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a consent form to complete on behalf of all people attending the party. It is the party organisers responsibility to liaise with the parents or other involved parties regarding age-appropriate gaming and passing onto us any limitations that they would like us to put in place during the party.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen is equipped to be self-sufficient for online gaming via 5G-4G routers based in our gaming van. In the event we are unable to source sufficient 4G/5G due to bad positioning, or in rural areas we may request the use of the event organizers Internet via our Ethernet cable.

In the unlikely event insufficient internet is still not available, then every effort will be made by our staff to not allow this to affect the enjoyment of the event and offline gameplay will be prioritised. 

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen is compliant with GDPR and our employees are DBS checked, in order to support our marketing purposes, we would request the following:

For advertising purposes, we often like to take photos/videos/live streams. We may use these on our website, or on our social media platforms. Therefore, we ask for consent forms to be completed, please make our team aware if you have objections to this. You are also welcomed to take photos as you please.

We love seeing all your pictures and videos from your events, so please do continue to tag us in your posts on social media posts.

We do not provide food for the parties, we do have Gaming Experience sweetie cones available to purchase (Please see merchandise Section on website). If you require any different food items for your party, it is the down to the party organiser to provide that for you.

A parking space suitable for out van approx. 2 half car space

Power source available within 25 meters of the van

Please speak to a member of our team prior to the event or on the day. We do allow some food, drinks are permitted in the gaming van as long as they are in a covered top sports bottle so no spills can damage our equipment.

Every effort has been made by our team to ensure our gaming van is safe, sanitised, and fit for purpose, and that it complies with all Health & Safety regulations, but anyone entering/exiting the van must do so at their own risk.

  • No smoking or vaping within the van.
  • The Gaming Experience Aberdeen Ltd has full public Liability insurance to a sum of £5m which can be requested at any time prior to the event day.
  • Any Damage caused to our Equipment/Van during the event that we deem as a result of improper behaviour or vandalism is not condoned.
  • The Gaming Experience Aberdeen reserve the right to charge to the event organizer the reasonable costs of repair/replacement for any equipment that get damaged.
  • We do not tolerate bad language, threatening, or aggressive behaviour within the van towards our staff & other members of the event. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the van if necessary, and/or end the event at any time with no refunds.
We have yearly PAT tests carried out by a professional who provides certification upon completion.

The Gaming Experience Aberdeen team and all our customers are our top priority and as such we are following government guidelines to ensure their safety & wellbeing.

The van, consoles, controllers, and other equipment are sanitised prior to the gaming session and also once the gaming session has ended. Hand sanitiser stations will be available onsite, masks are also available on request.

All our equipment is A+ rated, energy efficient, and receives regular PAT testing. The power supply is used only to power up the TV’s & Consoles in the gaming van, all other equipment in our van is powered up using our leisure battery. The electric used for a party would cost you approximately £1.00 - £1.50.